Sunday, May 27, 2007

Coca Cola 600

After a long, long race, and late race (In the last 10 laps of the race) splash and go pit stops ended up giving the race to Casey Mears, for his first CUP win.
He was followed by JJ Yeley, Kyle Petty, Reed Sorenson & Brian Vickers 5th!!
30, 88, 11 & 48 round out the top 10.

To see the official results, go to

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Earnhardt Jr.'s Developing Scenario

Earnhardt's sister and chief negotiator, Kelley Earnhardt Elledge, told Friday that they hope to finalize Earnhardt's future professional address within the next 30 days and then solidify sponsorship details before announcing his decision to the public sometime in late July.

Elledge said she has personally spoken with "about seven" existing Nextel Cup teams and "about 10 investment groups who are on the verge of starting teams or buying a team."But the top three candidates all have slight issues that could slow the process.

More to read at ESPN

Memorial Day and THREE big Racing Events

The Indianapolis 500, the world’s oldest 500-mile race.
The Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte, the world’s longest oval-track race.
The Grand Prix of Monaco.

This is a big weekend for racing all around and here's an interesting read on about the three events, and what could happen as historical racing events.

It talks a bit about the roots of each race, and some interesting tidbits of development.

Have a good read. Article

Top 10 Qualifiers for Coca Cola 600

Here's the top 10 qualifiers for Sunday's race:

Ryan Newman, Dodge, Alltel
Kurt Busch, Dodge, Miller Lite
Elliott Sadler, Dodge, Dodge, Dealers / UAW / Fantasticar
Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevrolet, Budweiser Desert Camo
Matt Kenseth, Ford, R+L Carriers
Denny Hamlin, Chevrolet, U.S. Marines / FedEx Freight
Ricky Rudd, Ford, Snickers Dark
Dave Blaney, Toyota, Caterpillar
Bobby Labonte, Dodge, Cheerios / Chocolate Chex
David Stremme, Dodge, Coors Light Cold Activated Bottle

The rest of the lineup is on

Penske Front Row Skills

Penske Racing's Helio Castroneves won the pole for Sunday's Indy 500 and Penske 2 drivers, #12-Ryan Newman and #2-Kurt Busch, sit on the front row for the Coca Cola 600 at Lowe's Motor Speedway.

So far, so good!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

DEI Looking for a Driver

Ya Think!??

I was reading an article on scenedaily that really irritated me (Am I showing my Jr colors?) and here it is:

"We don't have a template in mind for a driver other than we need a winner," Story said. "We need another driver to complement our group, somebody that is capable of winning championships, winning races."

Am I reading too much into this or what? Didn't they already have someone or are they saying they didn't? Hmm.

See the link above for the whole article.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

NEXTEL & AT and T (Bruce's Opinion)

When all is said and done, with NEXTEL having paid large amounts of money for being the exclusive official sponsor of NASCAR events, AT & T should know, as they came into this, that they would be facing an uphill battle, if any at all would be allowed, being that NEXTEL apprised all parties, companies & teams concerned how this was going to play out for everyone concerning name changes.

So AT & T may be just going for the publicity, or they may have something up their sleeve to get what they want. Heck, NEXTEL is changing it's name to SPRINT via a merger, so are there clauses about that in the sponsorship contracts?

But the bottom line for me is that we all know who the official sponsor of NASCAR is, and I don't see the other wireless sponsors impacting that status in my eyes, while NEXTEL's exclusivity is harming the race teams by limiting who they can have for sponsors, in a sport where it can be difficult to get quality sponsors that can support the race teams at the level of funding they need so they can be competitive.

Additionally, competitive sponsors are good for the sport / industry. Albeit, Budweiser, Miller & Coors seem to be doing ok with their respective presences on the track.

NEXTEL, let AT &T in. We still know who the big guns are supporting our sport.

ALL-Star Race

Kevin Harvick wins the All Star Race holding off a late race charge by none other than Jimmie Johnson, followed up by Mark Martin, Jeff Burton & Tony Stewart to round out the top 5.

Of note, Kyle Busch did what he's been doing a lot of lately, and that is wreck, and in doing so, took his brother out with him. Kyle forced his way under Kurt when Kurt had the low line going into turn 1, and the rest is history.

Kurt has matured a lot lately, and handled his after wreck interview very very well, and finished it up by saying he's not eating Kellogg's any time soon. (LOL)

And Casey Mears and Denny Hamlin were "battling for last", per Denny, when Johnny blew a tire and "took us out of our misery" Denny said in an on screen interview.

Of other note, the 31 car had the prominent blue AT & T logos on the 31 car, via a lack of a court injunction preventing them from doing so, and that may be some more legal issues down the road for them, but there they were, with their supportive sponsor!!

A note About NASCAR fans

Yesterday, May 18th, 2007 was NASCAR day. sells NASCAR day pins for $5 each. These monies go to the NASCAR foundation which supports over 25 different charitable foundations. (To see what charities, visit this link.)

They also conducted a telethon for NASCAR day that saw several media outlets join forces, such as SIRIUS Satellite Radio, SPEED, and MRN.

The amazing part of this process to me, was that in 12 hours, the telethon raised almost $1.2 million. I am so proud of the fans and organizations that helped contribute to the process.

I'm headed off to and buying myself a few nascar day pins!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

My Interview with David Poole

The other day I had an opportunity to conduct an interview with David Poole of The Charlotte Observer. To read my interview, go on over to:


It's the same interview, just different locations.

David Poole, An Interview by Bruce

The other day I was enjoying listening to my Sirius Satellite Radio, and specifically, I was listening to NASCAR channel 128, The Morning Drive, with Marty Snider and David Poole. I enjoy their banter, their opinions, and their expertise. I particularly enjoy David Poole’s perspective on all things NASCAR. I wondered who he is and what he’s about. After a few emails and a couple of phone calls, he graciously granted my request to spend a little time with me and I had a candid conversation with Mr. David Poole.

David Poole is one of the most widely-read and well-respected journalists in the sport of NASCAR. He has covered NASCAR for The Charlotte (NC) Observer for 10 seasons. He’s a regular contributor to He co-hosts Sirius Satellite’s “The Morning Drive” on Sirius NASCAR channel 128. We hear him every day interacting with his co-host, (Marty Snider), the show’s listener’s and dispensing opinions, wisdom & postulates in regards to the latest news and events that occur in and around NASCAR.

David got the bug to go into reporting when he was 12 when he had attended a basketball game. The next day when he saw the write up in the newspaper about the game, he thought he could do a better job. Before long, Poole was doing high school reports for that paper. He worked a news internship there while in college at North Carolina and, after a brief stop in Norfolk, Va., after graduating he returned to Gastonia and eventually became the paper’s sports editor, covering everything from junior high girls’ basketball to ACC basketball. (The paper referred to is the Gaston Gazette, which back when David Poole worked there, was called the Gastonia Gazette.)

David moved to West Palm Beach, Florida in 1989, but returned to North Carolina early the next year to work for the Observer on the sports copy desk. He also wrote a column about sports on television and the radio.

In November of 1996, long-time NASCAR beat writer Tom Higgins retired from the Observer. As David put it, the paper got a pile of resumes, but that season Charlotte’s new NFL team kept the folks running the sports department quite busy.

As David recalled: “The day after the 1997 NFC Championship game between the Carolina Panthers and the Green Bay Packers, they called and asked me if I could go on the first day of the annual media tour.” The tour was flying to Texas for a look at the new track still being built there. He wound up doing the rest of the tour that week, and then was asked if he wanted to be the NASCAR beat writer. (I guess they liked his work!)

His first race was the 1997 Daytona 500. David recalled a press gathering when Dale Earnhardt asked who’d be taking over for Higgins? When he found David, Earnhardt tells him, “I’ll talk to you later.” (No stress on your first gig, huh?)

Since that first race, David has won three George Cunningham awards* and several Associated Press Sports Editor awards. (*George Cunningham award is given each year to the top writer in the National Motorsports Press Association.)

When Sirius was putting together it’s NASCAR lineup of shows, David inquired with some folks he knew and they found themselves setting up the deal for The Morning Drive.

Their premise for the show is just a couple of guys talking about NASCAR. The show is so real that they don’t hide the fact that David is transmitting from his home studio by ISDN during the week. (Yet, their banter is so well balanced, that you wouldn’t know they’re communicating via text messages or IM’s!) The show is a collaborative effort between the staff, the hosts and the listeners. As the show comes up, producer Paul Pabst tosses outlines for the day. Most days they try to establish a couple of topics for the listeners to deal with, but as the show develops through the morning, David notes that the fans sometimes call in with great perspectives and can change the direction of the show or events can overtake any intention.

Generally, Mondays and Tuesdays cover topics from the previous weekend’s race. Wednesday they put the previous weekend to bed and start looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. They usually have guest appearances on Wednesday because no one is usually traveling on that day. By Thursday, they start to look at the news for the upcoming race and Friday they cover the upcoming race.

I asked David about his personal perspectives about his job, and his final product and David’s premise is that he wants to be first with his reporting, but above all else, he would rather be correct than first with the information he delivers because what he delivers can impact other people and himself.

These days it’s a fine balancing act because of the greater urgency with the presence of the internet and instantaneous information availability. There are no more deadlines, as news is more immediate. In his earlier years, he had until 5pm to put a story out but today, at most, David has about 2 hours. And in those 2 hours, you have to be cognizant of reasonable, responsible reporting. He sees radio, internet blogs, newspapers and websites as delivery systems and his product, is the information. I asked him if it was hard to draw the line when he has to report on issues concerning people he has become close to & how he deals with it. He says “You have to figure out where the lines are, in getting too close to people and try to keep your distance to be able to create credible reports, because if you do tend to hit it off with someone, it’d definitely be harder to write about that person.” He also finds that if it’s too easy to pick a side on a topic he re-examines his perspective. He does find the Sirius Satellite radio program a good extension of his writing and every now and then, the show will jog his memory about an issue that he can expound on in his blog.

With all the work he does for the Charlotte Observer, ThatsRacin dot com, his blog, Life in the Turn Lane at ( and his radio program, it puts a premium on his time management as he finds himself on the road about 150 days out of the year which doesn’t leave him much quality home time, hence the necessity for excellent time management skills.

When I listen to The Morning Drive, you’ll hear the team work between the 2 hosts, and even though it sounds like Marty gets under David’s skin, David says that Marty has different perspectives that bring different angles to the different subject matters they deal with, hence, they compliment each other, to a degree.

Though David deals with the issues of NASCAR as they come up on The Morning Drive, believe it or not, he’s more of a plotter who would like to map out what he needs to do. For example, if it were up to him and his plotting abilities, he would plot his way into the dream job that would let David cover the major sporting events each year like the Daytona 500, the NCAA final 4, the Masters Golf Tournament, the Bristol races, etc.

David Poole has incredible insight into the business of NASCAR and sports overall as he has been able to cover the subject of his choice, throughout his life. That’s a blessed career for one to have and that is definitely a gift. After taking the time from his day to chat with me, I found him to be as real on the phone as he is on the air. What you hear, is what you get. David Poole.

After our conversation, we started to talk about the real issues that matter. We both watch 24 starring Keifer Sutherland on Fox and we want those cell phones that Jack Bauer uses during the show. His batteries last all day long (Are they energizers?) and he can use his phone inside solid concrete bunkers several floors underground!! I told him how exasperated I was to see Audrey alive, and David thinks we’ll see Kim Bauer again too this season!

You can hear The Morning Drive, Weekdays 7 am - 11 am ET on SIRIUS NASCAR Radio, Channel 128.

Interview and writeup by Bruce E. Simmons

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

News from the Track - Wed May 16, 2007

As everyone may know, Jeff Gordon got his 7th win at Darlington last weekend in the COT event! Weekends results at

So the DEI #8 made non-contract changing news this last weekend when the team was caught with illegal brackets on the COT, and the ensuing penalties are Crew chief Tony Eury Jr. - $100,000 fine, suspended from NASCAR until July 4, 2007. Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., 100 point penalty, Car owner Teresa Earnhardt - 100 point penalty.
(I think this is a wee bit excessive, but I'm not the boss of the track, so there you have it.)

Here's a new one: Team Docked for Unnapproved Driver!!
NASCAR penalized Bill Davis Racing on Tuesday for allowing an unlicensed driver behind the wheel of Johnny Benson's truck during a test session last week. (Hmm, I guess that's a massive whoops!!) Benson was fined $10,000 and docked 50 points, and crew chief Trip Bruce was suspended for two races. See the article here.

Mark Martin has added 3 races to his part time schedule with Ginn Racing. The additional races include Pocono (Aug. 5), Richmond (Sept. 8) and Dover (Sept. 23).

NASCAR is gearing up for All-Star week, and it offically kicks off Wednesday night at the Charlotte Bobcats Arena where 24 teams will do battle in the NASCAR NEXTEL Pit Crew Challenge. Full Story

Just from observations and stories read, Montoya may not be making friends when he's 2 laps down and still driving hard like it's for the win. (But racin' is racin'! Right?)

I'm off market here, BUT as of today, there are still 11 spots left in the 33 car field for the upcoming Indianapolis 500, but this upcoming Saturday will probably see the field fill up.

At Darlington, during the last round of pit stops, Denny Hamlin fell from 2nd to 16th, and still battled his way back up to second, despite the pit road error. From this, Joe Gibbs Racing is swapping team members around, hoping to mix it up and get the performance edge back that they need to keep the car in contention.

Kenny Wallace has been hired by Rusty Wallace Inc to coach and spot for his nephew, Steve Wallace in the upcoming CUP companion Busch races. Scenedaily

John Andretti has got himself a ride with Panther Racing and will be attempting to qualify for the Indy 500.

That's it for the moment.

David Poole of the Charlotte Observer

Who is David Poole?

David Poole is one of the most widely-read and well-respected journalists in the sport of NASCAR. He has covered NASCAR for The Charlotte (NC) Observer for 10 seasons. He’s a regular contributor to He co-hosts Sirius Satellite’s “The Morning Drive” on Sirius NASCAR channel 128. We hear him every day interacting with his co-host, (Marty Snider), the show’s listener’s and dispensing opinions, wisdom & postulates in regards to the latest news and events that occur in and around NASCAR.

I had the opportunity to interview him the other day and you can read my interview over on, at Interview.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Darlington Race

Jeff Gordon won the Dodge Avenger 500 with an overheating car pushing steam as he crossed the finish line!!

Unofficial results on

Darlington Race Sunday Telecast

While trying to desperately look around for the FOX broadcast of todays race, I could not find it on the normal Fox, FX, or FSN channels on my cable box. Rather, I found it on some obscure cable channel that usually has nothing on it. I'm watching this in the Sunnyvale, CA area, COMCAST, Channel 6!!

Good luck finding your own obscure channel my loyal readers!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lineup and Other Things

The Race Lineup for the Dodge Avenger 500 at Darlington Raceway:

Bowyer wins his first CUP pole in his career!

1 07 Clint Bowyer Chevrolet Jack Daniel's 164.987
2 16 Greg Biffle Ford Ameriquest 164.876
3 26 Jamie McMurray Ford Crown Royal 164.430
4 99 Carl Edwards Ford Office Depot 164.314
5 9 Kasey Kahne Dodge Dodge Dealers / UAW 164.073
6 78 Kenny Wallace Chevrolet Furniture Row Racing 163.876
7 11 Denny Hamlin Chevrolet FedEx Express 163.838
8 21 Ken Schrader Ford Motorcraft 163.723
9 29 Kevin Harvick Chevrolet Shell / Pennzoil 163.713
10 24 Jeff Gordon Chevrolet DuPont 163.680
11 25 Casey Mears Chevrolet National Guard / GMAC 163.299
12 48 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet Lowe's 163.289
13 43 Bobby Labonte Dodge Cheerios / Betty Crocker 163.186
14 00 David Reutimann* Toyota Domino's Pizza 163.175
15 83 Brian Vickers Toyota Red Bull 163.153

Those that did not make the event: Jeremy Mayfield, Ward Burton, Mike Bliss, Michael Waltrip, Dale Jarrett & Scott Riggs

Full Lineup at

The show is scheduled to start Saturday night, May 12, at 7pm ET, on Fox.

Last Nights Busch Race saw Denny Hampin win his 2nd straight Busch event in a row there.
He was followed by Mark Martin, Carl Edwards, Jeff Burton, Clint Bowyer, Jason Leffler, Tony Stewart, Greg Biffle, Casey Mears, Kevin Harvick, Ryan Newman, Regan Smith, David Ragan *, Jason Keller & Juan Montoya * for the top 15.

See the entire set of results here

Anyone watching the Busch race last night saw Newman and Stewart exchange paint and tire pieces for a few laps. Not sure if anything is going to come of it. It resulted in Ryan's tire going down after a retaliatory fender slap from Stewart.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

So What's on the Table for DEI now?

With Dale Jr leaving DEI, what exactly will DEI do?

The other sponsors for Truex and Menard, besides Budweiser all have appearance clauses that include Jr. Was he the bait and draw for them coming on board those cars? Where does DEI look for name recognition to bring or retain sponsors? As one reporter coined Teresa’s company in the press conference today, TEI. (Ouch)

Will Teresa have to start playing the politics game in the garage and with sponsors? Again, as another reporter put it while asking Jr. a question, “We don’t talk to Teresa, so……”.

It seems that the company has been taken from the path Dale Sr. had it on, and has been pushed into directions that obviously, by the actions of Dale Jr. and his Sister, aren’t conducive to success to Dale Jr. as a driver. That says a lot, and Budweiser following the NASCAR icon says a lot too.

As Darrell Waltrip put it, they are going to have to rebuild from scratch. Can they do that, and do it well? It's been noted that DEI is on track to expand to a four car operation, and their willingness to change manufacturers. Does this foretell their joining RYR? Ford could use the #'s out on the track, though I'm not sure it will help the results much, right off the bat.

From what this meager reporter can see is that Teresa only has herself to thank for this predicament, as even Jr. said that his father had huge plans for him in regards to DEI, and unfortunately, Dale Sr. did not have a sufficiently well constructed Will 7 testament to protect his plans. He was a handshake kind of guy. (You should have seen his contracts with Richard Childress. One pagers and less, if what I’ve seen in the past is accurate.)

Well, Jr. did note that once he makes this decision, it is his last. He will not be changing his mind. That’s a very strong statement, and hence, I think he knows exactly where he’s headed, being that he told us in his press conference today that his manufacturer based fans do not need to worry about him changing car labels. And once DEI becomes an undervalued race team, Jr. can come in and buy it right back, barring any success Teresa and Siegel may have in their efforts to get on track.

Again, Happy Mothers Day Teresa & I truly wish them luck because no matter who it is, it's unfortunate to see teams flounder and weaken the challenge mix out on the track.

Bruce Simmons

Dale Earnhardt Jr. will Leave DEI

Listening to SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Channel 128, The Drivers Seat, they transmitted the press conference from JR Motorsports where Dale Earnhardt Jr announced that he will be leaving DEI at the end of the year.

He thanked the media for the amount of privacy they afforded him during the negotiations, and both sides worked hard at the negotiations, but he found it is time to move on and drive for another team.

Jr. said both he and DEI will come out of this successfully, but at 32, the same age his dad was when he made his biggest, most successful change, he needed to do this.

DEI is all he has ever known, as they have both grown, won and lost together.

Dale Jr. said he does not know what team he will drive for, but will listen to any and all opportunities. He and DEI will continue to work together on many projects, but he feels that his decision to move on would be supported by his father, as his dad taught him to “Be a man, race hard & contend for championships.”

The following is the media question and answer session, posted as asked, and answered:

Was there one specific item that led to his decision?: Basically during the negotiations, they weren’t really close to what either side wanted out of the contract.

Jr. will seek out the opportunities he will be most comfortable with.

Is he open to non-Chevy offers: Jr. said he will listen to all offers presented to him, though he feels Chevy is where he is best suited. (As his cell phone probably started glowing from the moment this press conference started.)

Dale was asked about taking the #8 with him, but he responded by saying that he thinks Teresa would prefer to retain it, (being the number is the race team, not the drivers, number) though he would enjoy keeping the number with himself if he could.

As far as Truex or his crew chief going with him, Dale said Martin is not part of any future consideration or conferences he would have with any team.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is very sad about leaving DEI, and as a team, he hopes they will still work and run as hard as possible each week for DEI.

Is he forming his own CUP team?: Dale will do what is best for JR Motorsports, though his first choice would be to drive for another competitive team.

Dale said that his dad’s vision for Jr. to have a huge role in DEI, but it is obvious to him, that today’s decision was one he had to make, as a driver looking to his future. When negotiations had started, his intent was to sign back on with DEI, but as noted, the two parties never even got close to what the other wanted.

The classic question was thrown out there if DEI has become TEI? DEI today is not where or what his father wanted it to become, and it would be difficult for any person or group to keep with an idea that is in another person’s mind but with Siegel on board, they will be successful.

Jr. will not narrow down any choice or direction he is leaning until he has heard from any and all teams / offers but he did say that once he makes the decision on who to drive for, he will not be changing his mind again.

He was asked what offer would turn his head?: He said that most teams would probably offer close to the same in salary, but it would be the person (?) or team that will allow him to also accomplish his personal goals with this driving, his shop and other aspects of his life.

He said they’ve already communicated their decisions with their sponsors, but have not sat down, one on one with any of them yet, and would not elaborate on any decisions by any sponsor on what they would do.

He was asked if Childress was a logical direction for him to go. Jr. replied there are a few logical assumptions out there, and there are some humorous assumptions out there too. As far as driving the #3, he said that is the number his dad made famous and would be uncomfortable driving it, but maybe near the end of his career, he would consider it for a year or two.

Jr. also said that he would have left DEI sooner than now, but his loyalty to his father’s vision of the company kept him on board.

Dale was asked if he was concerned about his fans not following him if he went to another car brand other than Chevy, and Jr. replied to that question by saying that this would not be an issue for them.

He said there was no one ingredient missing from the DEI team equation, but it was about the direction of the company and where he wants to be.

I had to bug out of the conference at this point, because some questions started to just rehash what was already asked, but the last question I picked up on was:

We (the media) don’t talk to Teresa, but was she surprised?: dale said she was not surprised after everything she saw out there last night.

He indicated that Teresa is now focused on what they need to do to prepare for 2008.

Jr was asked why announce just the exit part of his scenario, and not the whole deal when he finds himself a new contract, and Kelly (His sister, who was there) replied that secrets are hard to keep in this sport and they wanted the to address this as soon as they could for the fans.

He was asked to verify if he is the only part of any package deal, excluding Tony Jr or Martin Truex. Dale said, not necessarily, but these guys have to make up their own mind as to what they want to do.

He also indicated that JR Motorsports will support DEI in other ways, and collaborations, but he will take his job as a racecar driver somewhere else, as he feels he needs to.

A PR statement by Budweiser after the PC: Budweiser and JR Motorsports have an agreement in place to ensure Dale Jr. will continue to personally represent Budweiser through 2008, and we look forward to discussing our future with Dale Jr. and DEI in the weeks ahead.

Happy Mothers Day Teresa!

Bruce Simmons reporting.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Jr Rumors

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has scheduled a major announcement for Thursday morning at JR Motorsports, the race team he owns and his sister, Kelley Earnhardt Elledge, runs in Mooresville, N.C.

RUMORS have it that he and Truex are giong to be driving for Jr Motorsports & using Hendrick motors. ONLY RUMORS, but I said something to this affect a few months ago, questioning why Jr was dumping wads of cash into his race shop while in negotiations!! Now to see if it all pans out tomorrow.

If this is true, oh my, goodbye DEI garage, hello museum tours!!!

On the realistic, we don't know anything side of the news, I am completely amazed at the number of conflicting stories out there right now. He's driving for Hendrick, he's driving for himself, he doesn't want his own Cup team,.. this, that and the other thing.. wow. Tomorrow at 11 am eastern, we will find out.

Time, as in all matters, will tell the truth.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Most Teams Want The COT in '08

Despite complaints about the Car of Tomorrow, most teams want NASCAR to use the car exclusively in 2008. The COT is being phased into competition, with 16 races scheduled this season. Although the original plan was to use it exclusively in 2009, NASCAR will move it up a year if teams are on board.

Based on feedback he's received after four COT races, Nextel Cup director John Darby said teams are leaning that way. .....

Read the rest of the article here

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Jim Stewart 400, by Crown Royal

The last 50 laps were pretty intense with quite a few yellow flags, but Jimmie Johnson, chased by Kyle Busch took the checkered flag.

Harvick had the car to beat until he hit the 6 car in the pits and damaged his RF.
Stewart was coming on strong to until he got caught up in a multi car wreck.
Kahne, McMurray, Gilliland & Jeff Burton finished the race in the garage.

Complete Results can be found here:

Point Standings after the event:
-- Jeff Gordon
+2 Jimmie Johnson (Moves up 2 spots)
-- Matt Kenseth
-2 Jeff Burton (Loses 2 spots)
-- Denny Hamlin
-- Tony Stewart
+1 Kyle Busch
+2 Kurt Busch
-- Kevin Harvick
+1 Clint Bowyer moves up 1 spot into 10th at 527 points behind the leader

See the full list here:

Friday, May 4, 2007

Jerry Nadeau News

Former NASCAR driver Jerry Nadeau will make a triumphant return behind the wheel of a racing machine June 1-3 as part of’s Team USA in the 24 Hour race at Lisbon, Portugal.

“I am so looking forward to racing again,” Nadeau says. “I feel great, and I am ready to go out there and be competitive and driving against some of the top European teams.”


(I question the term triuphant, but racing is racing, right?)

I know he's been training with simulationso over the last year or two, but docs keep a conservative stance on his returning to racing in a stock car, IE: concerns of another hit like the one he took. I'd like to see him come back, if at all possible, and take that Army car to the front!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

MWR, Wimmer & Rules

Michael Waltrip Racing and Dale Jarrett's crew chief Matt Borland have parted ways. "Dale Jarrett wasn't happy, UPS wasn't happy, and we had to do something immediately," Waltrip said. "Originally, we had hoped that Matt Borland would take the role as the technical director, but he wasn't ready to come off the road. We need a technical director down the road, but it wasn't going to help us this weekend." .... FoxSports

Scott Wimmer has filed a lawsuit against Bill Davis Racing (BDR) claiming he is owed $1.2 million in salary for the 2006 season because the team did not follow the procedure in the contract to fire him. ... SceneDaily

Here's a great link from David Poole on how NASCAR can improve it's credibility!! I agree wholeheartedly!! ThatsRacin (Item #3, NASCAR has adamentally denied any access to that data being shown on TV in the past for some reason.)

Here's an awesome perspective on the Talladega Beer Can Throwing incidents that I felt should be shared! SiriusBackStage

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Debris Throwing Fans, Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt Jr:

After Jeff Gordon won the Aaron's 499, and people being warned that the track officials will be looking for them, people still threw debris at the 24 car after winning the race. (Not very smart actions if you ask me.)

As I said in an earlier post, it takes very few, non-thinkers to ruin the image of many, to the rest of the world watching. We thank you so very much for that.

Well, on the bright side of things, 14 of you beer can tossing 'folks' were charged with disorderly conduct and banned for life from buying tickets directly from the track.

Now there's a movement about that people are urging NASCAR to consider no more carry ins to the tracks, and all beverages will be in plastic cups. So if you start p'ing and moaning about that, you only have yourself to blame, and we as a group, need to also police our own by reporting what we see, taking pictures, or what not to help the track staff.

NASCAR Article

Kyle Busch, his HANS device and grass!

It seems that Kyle Busch's HANS device had cracked during his romp through the grass in the Busch event on Saturday as his car was sliding towards the grass, then caught the grass and started flipping.

NASCAR is investigating why the device did crack, and this incident brings forth the point that having adjacent concrete and grass zones on a racing surface, though asthetically pleasing, isn't all that pleasing to the drivers in some wrecks.

My suggestion: Pave the grass over folks at any track that has grass near the racing surface, AND then if you really need that mellow green color there, then find a paint color that is like, spring grass green, and knock yourself out!! I'd rather have safer drivers than pretty tracks.


AS everyone may know by now, it seems that DEI and RYR might be looking at a merger. That's the rumor and we'll see where it goes from there, because we still have the Earnhardt Jr. contract to also be cognizant of.

Here's my take on Jr's contract: All parties knew this was coming. That's why DEI hired the biggest wheel in negotiations they could find. I feel they are willing to give Jr what they want, but needed the bargaining expertise to create a fair balance for all concerned when the majority of the company ownership is handed over.

On the other hand, Jr has been dumping money in JR Motorsports and possibly posturing to show that he doesn't need DEI. (Duh, as long as Budweiser sticks with him, that's a no brainer.)

Related to but not really:
The other day I was listening to Sirius Satellite, channel 128, and people were being asked if Jr were to switch to Ford, would fans follow. (They were extrapulating on if Jr stayed in DEI, but DEI merged with RYR and switched over to Ford) Some fans who called in say no, they would not follow him over as supporters. What that tells me is that they aren't Jr. fans at all, but Chevy fans riding the coattails of Jr while he drives their 'brand' of car. Hey, if you like a driver, like him for who he is, not what he drives.