Saturday, August 23, 2008

RCR Names it's 2009 Driver Lineup

Richard Childress Racing announced their driver lineup for the 2009 season on August 23rd.

The No. 07
Jack Daniels car will be driven by Casey Mears.
The No. 33
Cheerios / Hamburger Helper car (A new car for the team) will be driven by Clint Bowyer.

I'm glad for Casey Mears after being dumped by Hendricks Motorsports, getting into a decent team but I'm miffed at Jack Daniels demanding the younger driver.

Oh well, what are ya gonna do in these times?



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  1. This looks to me like it's the worst decision RCR could have made. Casey didn't do anything good in the 25, then he got moved up to the 5 where Kyle had success and still hasn't done much of anything. Clint has a great thing goin with the 07 crew, and now Childress has managed to get all of them upset too. I just don't ever think that's a decision you make and don't even tel your team about it until the press conference. I hope Clint gets up there with the 33, but I really don't see Casey doing much, after all he will once again be the youngest of 4 and no disrespect to him but the worst of the four as well.


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