Friday, November 7, 2008

More on the Miss Sprint Cup Girls

Last week, there was a new (different) Miss Sprint Cup in the winners circle and in my opinion, was a great change up from the regular person who staffs that position after the race.

I say that because this one didn't stand behind everyone and nod her head, smile and act as if she was part of the conversation. You know, those third wheels at parties. I vented about this in a previous post because that can be distracting, and not in the skimpy dressed, nice distracting way. Of which I wouldn't mind.

Read the rest at The Sprint Cup Girls From NASCAR


  1. Monica lived next to me my freshman year at ECU. She did in fact win Miss North Carolina and went on to participate in the Miss USA 2001. Since you're basically calling her a liar, maybe you should check into things a little deeper and you would find out that she won Miss North Carolina USA that filters in the Miss USA pagent ( Miss North Carolina filters into the Miss America pagent.

    Maybe instead of judging her based off of a small part of her job, you should go to a race and meet her to find out what the rest of her job is and to see that she is a truly great person! Would you rather see a really ugly girl standing back there doing the same thing??

  2. LOL:

    Hmm, I think we're reading between the lines my ANONYMOUS friend.

    "Yet when I went to check out the info, she's not listed there. Eh?"

    Despite my not being able to confirm some information that is lacking on the multiple websites I tried digging the info up on, I do say that


    You may want to SLOW down, read slower, and see that I bash the position, not the girl.

    Thanks for coming by ANONYMOUS and adding to the conversation and confirming some info.

    It was very entertaining.

  3. I went to the website,
    and placed my cursor on the Hall Of Fame tab, and it drops a link to former Miss North Carolina titleholders, and I see Monica's picture as the 2001 winner. Wasn't very hard to find!

  4. Monica is a great looking girl but i wish she would stop running her tongue across her teeth every 15 seconds. As soon as i see her, i start counting the seconds down.

  5. Shut the Hell up and stop bitchin. Monica and Anne Marie are just doing their jobs. and quite well i might add. If you do not like it stare at the driver not her. She works for the series sponsor. They both represent Sprint and Nascar very well. So put a lid on your Candy-assed whining

  6. An obvious non-discerning fan. And a rude one who can't accept a difference of opinion without being a harsh ass about it and use name-calling to express themselves.

    Thanks for coming by though.

    Appreciate the visit dixon!

  7. Monica Palumbo is adorable , and does a nice job ,she adds a nice little extra to the usual sponsor roll call and driver ego blah blah blah

  8. Monica is a beautiful gal and love her sexy actions. She's gorgeous!!!


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