Sunday, August 14, 2011

Watkins Glen Resched To Monday

Hey gang, with Sunday's race being delayed by rain... if it's not raining Monday morning (8/15), the Watkins Glen race will be taking place at 10 AM Eastern.  DVR time!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dale Earnhardt Jr. on SPEED TV Tonight

Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be on NASCAR Race Hub tonight on SPEED chatting with Steve Byrnes
In the chat, they touch on a few thing, like the kind of season Dale is having, his old ways and some interesting perspectives he has.

Jr. touched on how, despite people are calling this his comeback season, he really doesn't equate the word comeback to the year.  He says he understands that the media has to spin things up to make them interesting, but he doesn't subscribe to the practice.

He says he doesn't feel like a celebrity or anything like that, but as he starts to get asked questions in interviews, he becomes more guarded as an interview wears on.  He gets guarded because he worries about getting too comfortable with what he says and replies with.

Dale Jr. has also toned down the partying days.  At least a little bit.  He used to pull all-nighters often, but not so much so now.

Dale also noted how a driver's performance is directly related to how well the car is doing.  He says in most cases, it's the car that is the primary factor, not the driver.

If you catch this article today (8/11/11), you can catch Dale Earnhardt Jr. on SPEED's NASCAR Race Hub tonight.


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