Saturday, February 18, 2012

There's A New Sprint Cup Girl For 2012: Kristen Beat

The Sprint Cup Girl squad has had a few turnovers this last year or so. most importantly, they added a new team member by the name of Kristen Beat.

But first, a bit of history of the Sprint Cup Girl Squad:

In early 2010 Anne-Marie Rhodes left the squad.  Then the new girl, Paige Duke, had a few "images" pop up from her past and she had to step out of the role of Sprint Ambassador in July of 2011.

Paige Duke later landed on the CMT reality TV dating show called Sweet Home Alabama, which started airing in mid-January 2012.


Kim Coon, an ex-cheerleader, had joined the squad.  She had also had a stint on ABC's The Bachelor, in Brad Womack's season.


Then sadly, the girl who has held the position the longest, Monica Palumbo, departed from the squad to pursue other ventures.  Palumbo ended up becoming the SPEED Channel's new social media reporter!


We now have a new girl on the squad, by the name of Kristen Beat!

She's from El Cajon, CA and once was Miss San Diego.  She has a Communications degree from the University of San Diego.  Kristen, at one point in her career, was the youngest-ever credentialed on-air reporter for the X-Games.

Growing up, she liked racing motocross and spends what idle time she has by surfing, working out and making healthy food.


Ladies: Want To Apply To be A Sprint Cup Girl?  Some of the requirements include

  • Be at least 22-years-old,
  • Have a college degree,
  • Have excellent writing and speaking skills,
  • Be comfortable with wireless tech,
  • Have significant experience in the promotional or spokesmodel field.

For more information, head on over to Marilyns’ Model and Talent Management website


{header image of this article is a screen cap from the YouTube video.}


  1. Kristen beat- she has done the work according to her name, she looks good.

  2. Kristen beat is dam hot and sexy too. She’s one of the best sprint cup girls in looks.

    sprint cup girls

  3. Bring back Paige.


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