Thursday, March 22, 2012

RAB Suspended John Wes Townley, Now NASCAR Has Him on Probation

Talk about double trouble...  after the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver, John Wes Townley, had an accident in his 2012 BMW, he was later charged with a DUI.  They found him knocking on doors, staggering about the neighborhood where he wrecked his car.  (Seriously, a new BMW???)

[Ignoring Townley's 2010 underage alcohol possession issue, (Really, I'm trying)]

RAB Racing subsequently suspended Townley indefinitely.


Now it's being reported that NASCAR has just put Townley on probation for the remainder of the year, due to actions detrimental to stock car racing, which violates Section 12-1 of the NASCAR rulebook.  I'm assuming this is related.


"Townley will be evaluated by a certified substance abuse professional at NASCAR's discretion and will be subject to random alcohol and drug testing"

So much for that comeback from being let go from RCR.  I hope this isn't a systemic issue... but patterns are patterns.


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