Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TV Ratings Decline for Phoenix; But Can I Blame Digger?

If you're curious, Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Subway Fresh Fit 500 race earned a 5.0 in the TV ratings.

This is a mixed bit of blessing in that this was the second-highest rating for the Subway Fresh Fit 500 (but that pitch seems weak when you see the chart below) but yet, tied for the lowest rating for the second race of any season, since  Fox started airing NASCAR races.

Sure, there might have been other sporting venues on the tele, but there always are... and we just came off a huge, long, drawn out telecast from last weekend.  There can be all kinds of things that account for the drop, including lack of appreciation of what goes into a race or those that tune in know that the big wrecks happen at the big tracks.  (Sorry to say, but I've seen the generic fan reaction and it's a bit sad.)

Over on Sports Media Watch, they've charted out the ratings for the second race of the NASCAR Sprint Cup season, since 2001.

In 2009 the ratings took a huge dive.

Not to be a hater of the animated critter that was shoved down our throats by Fox, but wasn't 2009 when we started getting fed Digger bites, with the animation and then the next season, with that dreadful cartoon?

I'm sure I'm way off the mark on this one, but the emotional scars are still there and then this chart seems to correlate my own trauma.  Did that many people really get turned off by the Digger marketing or just me?

Just sayin', in fun of course.

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