Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brian Vickers Racing for Joe Gibbs Nationwide Team

Brian Vickers has a full-time ride this year with Joe Gibbs Racing, and it's in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.  He'll be driving the No. 20 Chevy in the NNS.


Brian will also be running nine NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races for Michael Waltrip Racing, in the No. 55 Toyota.

The last time Vickers ran full-time in the "Nationwide" series, was 2003 when it was called the Busch Series...  and he won the championship for Hendrick Motorsports.

Vickers credits his relationship with Toyota for getting these rides in 2013, and, with his being in what is called one of the best Toyota teams in the Nationwide series, I think he's got a great chance to make something of it this year.

It will be good to see him in a full-time ride.  He's a likable guy!

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