Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mark Martin, Kurt Busch and Kevin Harvick: News and Perspectives

Mark Martin is looking to help the No. 55 Michael Waltrip Racing machine to perform to the best of their ability... and he has no plans or confirming any plans for anything in 2014.  At least for now.

In 2013 he'll be behind the wheel in 24 races.


Kurt Busch had a quiet off-season.  We didn't hear about him cussing out any press or getting arrested for anything.

So that means he can focus on his newish ride with Furniture Row Racing.  I almost forgot he started with the team in the last 6 races last year with the team.

There's also a good chance that Kurt can be looking at a long-term contract with FRR.  ANd I presume, that's contingent on his not blowing up any time soon at anyone or anything.

And team general manager Joe Garone said they want Kurt to focus more on the car than anything else, and to relax about any image issues.

And that may very well be the key to helping him mellow out, to not keep him focused on the very thing that has riled him up.

He should make a good showing this year with FRR.  We'll see.


I almost forgot that amongst all the news of the upcoming season, that Kevin Harvick is leaving RCR for Stewart-Haas Racing.  And Richard Childress himself confirmed where Harvick is going.

Harvick and SHR have not confirmed or deny the move.  Contractual obligations are just plucky annoying.

It will be a good year for Harvick to show just what he can do.  He's been subtle and quiet in a consistent fashion.  Nothing that stood out with winning lots of races, but he's always been in the hunt.

There's just one magical piece of "go" that's been missing and if they hit that mark, he could be a force to contend with.

And once he leaves RCR, no news is floating around as to whether Budweiser will be going with Harvick or staying with RCR.

If (really?  If?) Austin Dillon steps into the car in 2014, one has to wonder if Budweiser will take a chance with this young, proven performer.


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