Saturday, January 19, 2013

Who Is The New 2013 Miss Sprint Cup Girl, Brooke Werner?

New Miss Sprint Cup 2013, Brooke Werner
At about 4p.m. today, (CA Time), the Miss Sprint Cup Facebook page announced their newest team member for the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup season, Brooke Werner.  Yes... another blonde on the team!

Who is Brooke Werner?  

I used my internet forensic skills and aside from some of the basic info being passed out associated with her new position, I found a few other tidbits about her.

Brooke Werner hails from Vermont, her parents are Steve and Kathy Werner of Granville & has a sister, Becky.  Her grandmother's name is Vivian.

Brooke likes hiking, bluegrass music, skiing, and old movies.  She has a degree in public relations from Champlain College.

UPDATE:  They've released an intro video with Brooke saying "Hi!"


Brooke Werner, Miss Vermont 2009

She was also Miss Vermont in 2009!  After that, she competed in the 2009 Miss USA contest, representing Vermont.

Brooke Werner in Miss USA competition


But I kept digging around to see what else I could find out for you, my readers.  There's not much info to add.  What reasonable information I found, I already noted.  But I did find a few accounts that she had maintained.

This is her latest Twitter profile image from @BrookeVT:

Brooke Werner Twitter profile image

Oh my, this is an old Twitter profile / image:

Brooke Werner old Twitter image
Oh she is going to hate me for this one... 

Veteran Sprint Cup girls Kim Coon and Jaclyn Roney are both still representing Sprint, alongside Brooke.

Resource and Other Links:
Latest Twitter Account: BrookeVT,
Older Twitter Account (While it's still there): BrookeWerner,
(I fully expect that latest account to be deleted.  Hence, the screen shot of the entire page.)
A Pinterest page Brooke started up,
A photographer's FB page with respectable pics of Brooke,
News on Brooke' entering Miss USA:  Champlain edu,
The Herald of Randolph, and



  1. I attended Champlain College with Brooke. She is very nice and down to earth like most people in Vermont.

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