Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dover, Twittter, Hamlin and Tuning Out Too Soon

Wow, did I miss one or what?  I tuned out of watching the Dover race with about 25 laps to go.  I mean, what's the point, right?  The new cars tend to spread out in a line and it's the same thing, over and over every lap.  So my wife and I packed up and headed to the park with the dog.

When we got to the park, I pulled up my Twitter app and started perusing my list.  (Twitter Suggestion:  I don't follow the full feed.  It has a lot of "noise" to it.  But you can make lists and I've split out the core media folks to their own list so I can follow actual events during a race and not some wound up and excited opinions!)

As I perused my list, and saw that folks were giving JJ sympathy pats on the back.  Whaaaa?

I started scrolling backwards feverishly, because I figured Juan Pablo Montoya had probably "won," but no!  Tony Stewart???  Whaaaa?

Then I started back-sliding my Twitter feed to see that Johnson jumped the start and Montoya got into the wrong line!  Whaaa?

OK, so twice this season I've tuned out and twice this year, I missed the best finishes of the year.  But I stand by my perspective that the new car (until it's worked out) has killed the excitement to some degree.  Every restrictor plate race pretty much had who ever was in the lead with 5 laps to go, won the race.  Unlike the previous 5+ years when you had no clue who was going to win.

But "stuff" happens!

Obviously when I tune out, big things happen.  So I'm prepared to be paid to tune out with 20 to go next week!


When I pulled up a feed, I saw how Denny Hamlin's contention for the championship was hurt by his finish at Dover. 

I don't mean to be too pragmatic, but when he went out with his back injury, I wrote him off.  If he somehow started looking at strong potentials for getting back in, then I'd be singing the swan song too.  It would be awesome to see.

But I'm not holding my breath.


Over on Dave Moody's blog, he touches on how Penske moving to Ford might not have been their best move, considering how Keselowski isn't quite kicking butt this year.

But hey, I got the championship diecast of his and it looks hot in all its color chrome goodness!!!


And again, if you're wondering where I've been, I had the wind pulled out of my sails for the management of the sport when they fined Denny Hamlin for merely talking about the COT in a rather benign statement.  And though most of the media saw it, they took the middle ground, calling it "It is what it is."  That seriously soured me to the administrative powers of the sport.

But I'm slowly getting back to my old self.  I tend to harbor things a wee bit too long.

Hey, I'll be at Sonoma, working for Charlie Turner (On Pit Row) taking a billion snap shots of anything that's moving!  I mean anything!!! Here's one of last year's album (on FB). Whenever I get around the cars, my blood gets pumped up, so I expect to be back at full enthusiasm after Sonoma.  Who knows, maybe even sooner.


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