Sunday, June 9, 2013

Montoya Had a Chance To Truly Prove Himself (Dover)

My latest, earlier piece, I had talked about how I missed the last part of the Dover race and Jimmie Johnson's restart penalty.  Today I saw the coverage/recap on the event between Montoya and Johnson.  in a word, wow.

So Johnson jumped the gun, or looked like it, while Montoya seemed to miss the boat with his accelerator.

I saw where he said he didn't try to pull anything, while Johnson said that even though he backed off on the pedal, rather than taking back his spot, Montoya pulled in behind him.

Again, Montoya looked like he was showing some gamesmanship in the realm of restart rules, putting the screws to Johnson.

For me, it seemed that Montoya took this opportunity and for some, may have discredited his validity as a Cup driver playing this game. 

We know Montoya races pretty hard, whether he's up front, on the lead lap or multiple laps down.  And now it seems that he's also willing to dance with the "devil in the details" of the rules.

Now we wait and see if NASCAR tweaks their restart rules.


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