Friday, October 4, 2013

Breast Cancser Awareness: The Pink In NASCAR At Kansas

Austin Dillon's breast cancer awareness car

October is breast cancer awareness month. 1 in 8 women are attacked by this bullshit disease.  Guys, almost two thousand men each year get diagnosed and almost four hundred deaths each year in men, can be attributed to breast cancer.  Do don't turn away from this issue.  It impacts everyone.

{Please note all links in the article point to NBaP's parent website with information on each issue highlighted.  There's more in-depth coverage on the subject of breast cancer at You can get to where you need to get to from there.}

Even though 1 in 8 doesn't sound like a big number, stop and look around your surroundings right now.  If you see at least 8 women, more then likely 1 of them is dealing with this setback.  If you think about the 8 women in front of you, think about their families and how exponentially that number of women grows.  If no one right in front of you is impacted by breast cancer, someone in their life is.  It's an insidious beast and you don't know how many people around you it impacts until you find yourself and your family in the middle of the battle.  And when you mention it, victims come out of the woodwork you'd never expect.

But despite the glaring numbers, there are a lot of ways to help contribute.


Yoplait Yogurt has a cool program where you can submit codes from certain lids and they'll make contributions.

5-hour Energy sells PINK lemonade flavored products, and proceeds go to the fight against breast cancer.  All you have to do is buy their product and they will contribute a set amount per bottle sold.  They had contributed almost $400k when they first offered the product.  Then they pulled the product but fans spoke up and they brought it and the program back permanently.

Or by just clicking on a link, you make a free mammogram available to a lucky soul who can't afford them.

You can join up and do walks that collect money for donations.

Danica Patrick's breast cancer awareness paint scheme

Or you can find organizations and contribute money to the fight.  Even a single dollar (where an org allows such low contributions) can help.  I've always said if every person watching a NASCAR race (around 3 to 5 million) logs on and donates a buck to somewhere, well, that's a bucket load of money.


But just to make sure folks become aware in some slight fashion, some teams have pink highlights or full-on schemes on their cars in Kansas.

Those Sprint Cup teams include the No. 16, 10, 40 (that I know of so far) and in Nationwide, the No. 2, 3, 5, 7, and 77 teams will be sporting some brand awareness pink colors on their cars.

Any way, we call it breast cancer, but it's cancer.  Cancer is known by the location it occurs in.  If we help beat "breast cancer," we're helping defeat cancer itself.  And then, maybe 1 in 3 people won't be impacted by cancer somewhere down the road.

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  1. Bruce,
    Another very informative post! I like that fact that you have broken down the facts and figures to the basics........1 in 8 people will be affected by this disease. These days we all know someone who has had or was affected by breast cancer.

    This disease has visited my family. My sister is a breast cancer survivor of 15 years.


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