Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ICYMI: Fox and NASCAR Solidified Their Relationship Into 2024

Late last year, it was announced that Fox and NASCAR will be continuing their relationship through to the year 2024.

So basically put, starting in 2015:

FOX Sports’ Exclusive Rights (2015-2024):

·       Fox has the first 16 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series points races of each season, including the Daytona 500

        o   Nine of these will be on FOX Sports and seven on FOX Sports 1

·       They have the first 14 NASCAR Nationwide Series points races of each season

        o   These Fourteen races will appear on FOX Sports 1

·       They will also cover the NASCAR Sprint Unlimited, Budweiser Duel and NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race

·       And all NASCAR Camping World Truck Series races


If you don't have Fox Sports 1, well, bummer I guess.  But I'm guessing most of us have that.  It's when things go to FS2 that I think we'll get dinged.

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