Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NASCAR Fines The Wrong People, Networks Are NASCAR Dumbasses

Last weekend after the NASCAR Sprint Cup at Charlotte Motor Speedway, there was quite the fracas between drivers.  Denny Hamlin and Brad Keselowski were playing car tag and spinning each other on the track during the warm down laps.  Matt Kenseth charged up behind Brad Keselowski, in front of cameras, blind siding him and getting him in a headlock.  Word was that Hamlin and Keselowski were having an angry car chase through the garages, inches from pedestrians.

And after all that, NASCAR fines Tony Stewart and Brad Keselowski (BK).

Oh, yes, after BK was spun, he bumped into Tony Stewart's rear bumper. In reply, Stewart put it in reverse and "floored" it, nearly demolishing the front end of BK's car.

Where do I begin?

There was concern on the air from drivers about the car wars game that went on, on the track, between Hamlin and BK. The think was, they were talking about getting hit while they were removing their helmets and safety gear.

I for one, for years, have worried about when drivers start dismantling their safety gear while they're still on the track and would look forward to the day that they are required to retain all gear in place, until they're off the racing and pit stalls surface.

It is just too dangerous to be pulling off your gear when there's the potential for someone to pull an ass-hat move while a driver sits unprotected.


There is that anger that is always just under the skin of Tony Stewart. I presumed it was his temper, combined with something BK did, considering everyone seemed mad at BK.


Then there was Matt Kenseth. Very unlike him, but he was unraveled and wanted a piece of BK. This, after damaging BK's car during a caution flag, in retaliation for something BK did to him.


And finally, there was Hamlin and BK, including the quickie car chase through the garages. THAT seemed dangerous.

But Hamlin and Kenseth skated somehow while Stewart and BK got the fines, looking like NASCAR was turning a blind eye towards the part that Hamlin played in the situation.

But then there was the media coverage of the event after the fact.

First things first... if you're going to cover an event, have your reporter watch the last 30 minutes of any telecast before the start reporting bulls*!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Steve Byrnes Steps Aside From Broadcasting Again

It's been reported that the very likable sports commentator Steve Byrnes, has once again stepped down from his job as "NASCAR Race Hub co-hosting and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series play-by-play duties for FOX Sports 1" to once again deal with a recurrence of his cancer.

Back in 2013 he was diagnosed with "head and neck" cancer and had "defeated" it, but he's been informed that it has returned.

He's stepping down to deal with his health and to be with his family.

Once you get cancer, you're never fully over it, even if it is an emotional battle within you. It's been the and the fact that it showed up once makes one feel that it could return yet again.

As it has in the case of Steve Byrnes.

We wish him the best in this insidious fight and is a reminder that no matter what the cancer, any financial contribution to help aid the research and development of a cancer killing product is a worthy one.

Sure... it is breast cancer awareness month. But cancer is pretty much cancer, no matter where it occurs. So donating to any cancer society drive is a worthy one.

Keep this in mind...

Even if you think you do not have enough to help, do some math.

If there are around five million people watching a race, and every single one of those five million donated a mere dollar... well, I presume you see where I'm going with this.

So don't hesitate. Every bit helps.

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