Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Buddy Baker Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

NASCAR Legend Buddy Baker ill with cancer

In a sad piece of news, one of NASCAR's living legends, Buddy Baker, (Elzie Wylie "Buddy" Baker, Jr. (born January 25, 1941)) announced on the air on his SiriusXM NASCAR Radio show that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and subsequently, will be stepping down from his SiriusXM shows to focus on his new fight.

Several months ago he had gone in for rotator cuff surgery and the medical staff discovered that it was not his rotator cuff that was the source of his discomfort, but rather, there was a huge tumor in his lung causing the distress.

In a sad telling of the diagnosis, Buddy asked what his chances are with this thing and he got silence in return for an answer.

When he asked how long he might have, Buddy was told that "'Well, we don't own the hotel so we don't know when you check out, but it's something that we cannot fix.'"

One other thing he said that stuck is that he said that he's retired five different times and that because of such a long and wonderful career that he's had, that we "not shed a tear."

He said to have a smile when you mention his name.


We'll try Buddy.  We'll try, but that may be a very tough thing for anyone to do. You do us proud and a nation will have their thoughts and prayers directed at you and your family in this time of stress.

It's moments like this that I am glad I contribute to cancer research. It is obviously not going to help here, but some day it will help someone. And I've always said that that there is no amount too small to send.

My example to support that statement is that on any given day, if each person who watched a race on TV would make a mere $1 donation, it could add up quickly from $3 to $8 million and up. Yes... depending on the race, that's how much a donation could add up to if viewers watching only pitched a dollar.

NEVER THINK you don't have enough to give. You don't need to break your bank. You only need to contribute to break the will of this evil f*ing disease called cancer.

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  1. Bruce that was a great compassionate piece on the now late Buddy Baker! RIP Gentle Giant!


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